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The MOOSE PLUSHIE, (NONORIGNAL in french) Lumberjack Style, can be personalized in plushie of birth

The MOOSE PLUSHIE, (NONORIGNAL in french) Lumberjack Style, can be personalized in plushie of birth

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Chocolate colorless


Shipping: choose PARCEL CANADA-POST or PUROLATOR… “cannot be shipped in an standard envelope”.

Originally from Abitibi, the notorigal likes the forest a lot, but more than anything, it prefers the company of little humans ... No matter where they live!

It is very soft, comfortable and malleable ........ Everything children love!

Origin of the "Nonorigal" appellation

I must admit that I am a little dyslexic and I have to pay attention to certain words when I write them and also when I say them.

For example when I try to say Canada or pineapple ... I pronounce, Canada and Anananas and it is the same for the word moose ... I always pronounce, notorigal!

So there you go, you know everything about the origin of its name ! Yes, yes, you can laugh ... It's just funny!😂

Crochet made with a lot of love and attention in a smoke -free environment.


+/- 22.5 ”(57 cm) in total length.


100% very soft acrylic.

Stuffed with 100% hypoallergenic and washable polyester fibers.


- Body: Taupe, black and beige

- Wood: Brown

- The little Lumberjack style scarf is made with a 100% cotton fabrics with a red and black tile print.

👉 Note that depending on the type of your device, the colors can be slightly different from reality.

🟠 Can be personalized :

- in born plushie

- or add a little engraved heart

See "Labels" section for more information.

 This new text will be engraved with a laser on a small piece of recycled leather. Laser engraving does not offer the possibility of coloring the text, only the leather offers a choice of colors.


Wash by hand with a soft soap.

Dry flat or hang in the open air.


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