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Basket-bed (Small)

Basket-bed (Small)

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Basket-bed and his blankie 

You love your little companion ... doggy, kitty (or others) ... why not offer him a very comfortable basket-bed?

Your pet will be happy in this very comfortable basket-bed with his 2cm thick around and at the bottom, in addition to being deep enough to receive a little cushion (not included).

📍SMALL FORMAT +/- 32cm (12 "1/2) in diameter

Ideal for an animal up to +/- 6 lb (3 kg)

INCLUDED a small blanket (blankie) in fleece of your choice of+/- 45 cm x 45 cm (18 "x18")


100% polyester (acrylic).

Do not get down. Don't bouloche. Claw resistant. Safe for animals.

Other formats available on request:

📍MEDIUM +/- 42cm (16 "1/2) in diameter

+ Blankie : +/- 45 cm x 75 cm (18 "x30")

Ideal for an animal up to +/- 15 lb (7 kg)

📍LARGE +/- 52cm (20 "1/2) in diameter

+ Blankie : +/- 75 cm x 75 cm (30 "x30")

Ideal for an animal up to 25 lb (11kg)


Wash with a delicate cycle machine. Dry flat or machine drying at low temperature. Basket reshaped can be reshaped to restore its original shape.

👉 Note that depending on the type of your screen, the colors can be slightly different from reality.

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