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Beautiful Quebec company since 2014… and I don't intend to stop anytime soon!

Welcome to my shop… where a crochet designer has fun!
And that's the case to say it… I'm really having fun!

I want to tell you about my 2 great passions, DOGS AND… DOGS!

I am a Sylvie who likes to knit… hence the name Vivi knits!

Besides, I have to admit that I crochet more often than I knit, but that doesn't matter, that doesn't prevent me from being a big fan of everything I do… knitting or crocheting.

I have a very playful and colorful side that especially likes to create and make all kinds of DOGS, SOFT TOYS, also called "AMIGURUMIS"... but no matter what name they are given, I always pay special attention to each confection, because I really love creating them and making them for you.

Whether they have big bellies, long legs or doll size, I first create my stuffed animals in my head, then draw them on paper and finally, I make them and redo them with my hooks until the rendered either to my liking and as seen in my head.

And often, my creations along the way wink at me and lead me elsewhere, to another model that has kindly imposed itself on me.

This is how my stuffed animals come into the world! ;)

I am also a big fan of LES AUTRES TOUTOUS!

You know, the furry little 4-legged ones who share our lives! Hehehe!
Dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, ferrets... and why not lizards, even if they are not hairy, they are little life companions for many of you!

For them, I design and make funky collars to give them style… and believe me, it gives them style!

At first I only created these accessories for my Bonnie, my own little mini dachshund (she's the one you see in the photos of my accessories), and by popular demand I couldn't do anything but make them accessible for all of you… and I have to say that it gives me just as much pleasure to make your hairy ones as funky as my Bonnie!


You love having the ability to add a little something extra to your stuffed animals and Vivi Knits gives you several ways to do it.
I do this with my laser engraver on a small piece of leather… you just have to provide me with the birth data or other text and Hop!… The engraver starts to create personalized labels according to your wishes.

You will thus have the most unique gift that you can offer… or offer yourself!

Labels available in shapes:
Rectangular: for hairy collars (come with 2 rivets)
Heart: for all stuffed animals
Round… my most popular… to transform your stuffed animal with a big belly into a newborn doggie or add a nice little text for someone you love!

ATTENTION: Send me the correct information, otherwise there may be additional costs for a re-engraving.


I really like to offer you the possibility of allowing you to choose your favorite colors for a new confection, I already have sheets in the “PRE-ORDER” section for certain models but if the model you would like to have does not exist in pre-order, you just have to contact me, we will discuss it together.

For a plush, you can first view the sheet showing you all the colors available and already make your choice… it will be easier to discuss it later.


As I told you above, I like my creations to give style to your little hairy… or hairless companions.

I have several choices of fun collar models in several sizes, colors, each model of which is made with its kind of wool... I try to satisfy you as much as possible, that's why I offer my collars made in a range of various prices, from the cheapest in acrylic or acrylic/wool mix to the most expensive in 100% pure wool not chemically treated.

And all my collars can also be embellished with a label bearing the name of your companion and your telephone number… like that, if he runs away!!

You have to follow the instructions according to the model, sometimes the label is available on the same model and sometimes you have to add the purchase of the label in the “Labels” section.

In general, I make these accessories for your very small, small or medium furry… but you know that if you have a large furry and you can't find the size you need, just contact me and i will tell you if i can do it or not.


Are you one of those who would like to offer stuffed animals that you have made yourself?
Yes !
So you'll have plenty of fun with Vivi Tricote's patterns… all of them are available in French and English.
Revised and translated into English by Julie Desjardins of ACCROchet… a real pro, this lady!

All my patterns are also tested to ensure that I offer you a quality product.

On the other hand, it is possible that a small error was well hidden and that no one saw it, so don't be too angry with me, thank you for informing me immediately if you find a small secret.

Beginner level and sometimes for intermediate level… but certainly, all the fun to do!

My patterns are also available on Ravelry:

My TUTORIALS on Ravelry