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CHARLIE COLLAR - Purple and Black

Add style to your companion with this pretty collar model!

This collar or cache-color with intense colors is very comfortable, thick and soft, it allows you to keep your companion warm during spring or autumn cool days and especially during cold winter days while giving it a lot of style!

Hand crochet with 22% wool fibers and 78% acrylic
(This wool is discontinuous ... My collars are on sale until my stock exhaust)


Nice gradient of purple and black

Sizes: Tour of neck - height

XXS: 16cm to 20cm (6 1/2 ”at 8”) - 7cm (2 ”3/4)

XS: 20cm to 28cm (8 ”to 11”) - 8cm (3 ”1/4)

S: 28cm to 35cm (11 ”to 14”) - 8cm (3”1/4)

M: 35cm to 43cm (14 ”to 17”) - 9CM (3 ”1/2)

L: 43cm to 51cm (17 ”to 20”) - 12cm (4 ”3/4)

XL: 51 cm at 58.5 cm (20 ”to 23”) - 14cm (5 ”1/2)

Measure your companion's neck and make sure you take size that is suitable.

What to do for an 8 "neck ride" :

Take size XXS for a adjusted collar Where

take size XS for a more relaxed collar… It's up to you to choose the desired style for your companion!😉

🟠 Add a personalized label: (real leather or vegan leather)

See this link for more details.

🐾 Heart label: Give a name
🐾 Rectangular label: Give a name and a phone number


Handwash lukewarm water,

Dry flat,

Do not go back or bleach.

👉 Note that depending on the type of your device the colors can be slightly different from reality.

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