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Pre-order - The “CHIC and SWELL” COLLAR - For Christmas

Pre-order - The “CHIC and SWELL” COLLAR - For Christmas

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For a Christmas little look ...

Here is the “Chic and Swell” collar!


For dogs, cats or all other companions ... The one you have at home!

This collar will just be perfect to give it a “chic and sweet” little look at Christmas!

I made them with a nice bling-bling thread ... because we like it too much when it shines in the holidays!😉

Hand crochet with a nice red and white bling-bling wire.

99% acrylic and 1% sparkling metal

Adorned with pretty black buttons… depending on the size, from 2 to 5 buttons per collar.

circumference  height 

XXS: 16.5cm at 20cm (6 1/2 ”at 8”) - 17.5cm (3 ”)

XS: 20cm to 28cm (8 ”to 11”) - 19cm (3.5 ”)

S: 28cm to 35.5cm (11 ”to 14”) - 19cm (3.5 ”)

M: 35.5cm to 43cm (14 ”to 17”) - 11.5cm (4.5 ”)

L: 43cm to 51cm (17 ”to 20”) - 11.5cm (4.5 ”)

Measure your companion's neck and make sure you take size that is suitable.

What to do, for an 8" neck ride" : Take the size XXS for a well -adjusted collar or take the size XS for a more relaxed collar… It's up to you to choose the desired style for your companion!😉


Red Christmas and Green Christmas


Handwash cold water,

Dry flat,

Do not iron or bleach.

👉 Note that depending on the type of your device the colors can be slightly different from reality.

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