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THE LION KING LEON - with Big belly, can be personalized in born plushies

THE LION KING LEON - with Big belly, can be personalized in born plushies

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King Leon - The Lion in big belly

 I fall in front of you Leon... You are too cute!♥️


Vintage -like plush!

All my lions and their companions are made by hand, hook, with a lot of love and attention in a smokeless environment.


+/- 14 "(35.5cm) of total height. (Without the tail)
+/- 9 "(23cm) seated.

The tail measures +/- 12 ’(30 cm)


100% polyester acrylic.

Broose with 100% non -allergenic and washable polyester fibers.

The mane and the tip of the tail are made of 100% cotton.


Main: burnt mustard

Secondary: beige

Museum: Vanilla and burnt mustard

Nose: black

Mane and tail: brown

👉 Notethat depending on the type of your device, the colors can be slightly different from reality.

⚠️⚠️ 3 years and over

The little eyes are made with safe eyes, which makes him a nice lively and shiny look!

On the other hand, even if they are well fixed, it is not recommended to leave a child under 3 without supervision with a plush ... No matter his provenance.

(Canada Safety Agency Council)

And why not ... by her 3 years, make a beautiful decor in the room! ⚠️⚠️⚠️

🟠 Can be personalized :

- in born plushies

- or add a little engraved heart

See "Labels" section for more information.

This new text will be engraved with a laser on a small piece of leather. Laser engraving does not offer the possibility of coloring the text, only the leather offers a choice of colors.


Wash by hand with a soft soap.

Dry flat or hang in the open air.

🚫Do not put in the dryer.


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