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BONNIE TOUTOU, standard or extra long dachshund plush toy

BONNIE TOUTOU, standard or extra long dachshund plush toy

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Bonnie Toutou

Choice of STANDARD or ULTRA LONG size

👋 Available on request 👋

Too cute the little Bonnie Toutou!

I was inspired by my little Bonnie female dog, my mini dachshund for this creation.

She will be able to be the ideal companion for your little minis ....... she does not lose her hair, is already well educated and is always clean.

Nice alternative when we cannot have real dogs at home!

All my Bonnie Toutou and their companions are made by hand, crochet, with a lot of love and attention in a smokeless environment.



+/- 8 in (20 cm) height
+/- 15 in (38 cm) total length


 DIMENSIONS : ultra long

+/- 8 in (20 cm) hauteur
+/- 19 in (48 cm) total length


100% polyester acrylic.

Broose with 100% non -allergenic and washable polyester fibers.

Eyes safes: black plastic.

Collar : The small collar is made with 100% acrylic fibers. The color can vary depending on the availability of wool at the time of the order.

For a specific colour, mention it when ordering : Just say that you would like to have the collar in the desired color.


Main: black

Secondary: burnt orange

👉 Note that depending on the type of your device, the colors can be slightly different from reality.

For a Bonnie toutou in another color, contact me :

⚠️⚠️ 3 years and over

The little eyes are made with eyes safe, which makes him a nice lively and shiny look!

On the other hand, even if they are well fixed, it is not recommended to leave a child under 3 without supervision with a plush ... No matter his provenance.

(Canada Safety Agency Council)

And why not ... by her 3 years, make a beautiful decor in the room! ⚠️⚠️⚠️



Wash by hand with a soft soap.

Dry flat or hang in the open air.

🚫Do not put in the dryer.


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