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WILBROD THE DAD BEAVER, friend of the tooth fairy

WILBROD THE DAD BEAVER, friend of the tooth fairy

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WILBROD THE DAD BEAVER, friend of the tooth fairy


Plush, cub, amigurumi of the boreal forest.

Did you know that it can be of great help for the fairytale?

And yes ! You will only have to deposit the small tooth recently fallen into the small handkerchief, place it in the small pocket on the Bedon of Papa Castor ... and the fairy of the teeth will do everything else!😉

In addition, its flattened shape makes it very comfortable ... like a small cushion on which we like to place our head when we are a little tired.

All my beavers and their companions are made by hand with great attention and love, in a smokeless environment.


Total length: +/- 17 "(43 cm)

Total width: +/- 13 "(33 cm)

Thickness: +/- 4 "(10 cm)


100% soft and soft acrylic.

Broose with 100% non -allergenic and washable polyester fibers.

The pocket is made of recycled jeans

The small red and black checkered handkerchief is made of 100% cotton fabrics.


Taupe, gray, beige and black.

👉 Note that depending on the type of your device, the colors can be slightly different from reality.

⚠️ (Canada Safety Agency Council))

It is not recommended to leave a child under 3 without supervision with a plush ... and that is important.



Wash by hand with a soft soap.

Dry flat or hang in the open air.


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