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3D EYES No.9 - 14mm 18mm 20mm 25mm

3D EYES No.9 - 14mm 18mm 20mm 25mm

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3D EYES color No.9 (Blue)

Perfect for making your stuffed animals and dolls.

Price is for 2 safety eyes (1 pair) with 2 plastic mounting washers.

The eyes are plastic.

A little difficult to install, may require a tool such as a hammer to properly seat the rod into the mounting washer. Be sure to protect your safety eyes before hitting with the hammer.

Available sizes:

14mm - 18mm - 20mm - 25mm

(In the video are shown 20mm eyes)

Clean eyes with a soft cloth. Do not rub eyes with abrasive tools.

For the 9 other colors, see in this same collection.

Advice from the Health and Safety Agency of Canada: For their safety, it is not recommended to let a child under three years old play with a soft toy without supervision, regardless of its manufacture and origin.

It is also important to check toys regularly to ensure that they do not have broken or loose parts and sharp edges that could injure children.

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